VonSeda's Cabin Rentals

VonSeda's Island Lake Lodge - Lodge Rules

  1. Your children are your responsibility, as well as any other minors that are in your care. You are responsible for yourself, as well as any guests or invitees. - AT NO TIME IS THERE A LIFEGUARD ON DUTY.

  2. Responsible party must be at least 22 yrs of age to rent the home.

  3. NO PETS allowed (even outdoor pets are prohibited).

  4. Fireplace Usage:

    • NEVER LEAVE BURNING FIRES UNATTENDED. (time fireplace usage accordingly if wanting to leave the lodge)

    • Open fireplace flue prior to lighting fires, turn on fireplace fan

    • FIREWOOD ONLY is to be burned in fireplaces. ( If you run out of firewood, do not go on lodge property or neighboring properties to cut your own wood. Please purchase pre-cut firewood). Firewood is available for sale, and is sold on a Pay for What You Use basis.

  5. NO PARTIES. (local ordinances prohibit parties that could disturb other lakefront and area neighbors)

  6. Please Recycle into the proper containers which are located in the house and outside. Separate aluminum cans in one bag, glass/plastic/steel in another, and food/paper trash in another.  Garbage removal is not included in rental rate.  Each bag cost $4 each for removal. Bags of aluminum cans left will not count towards your bags. Please pay for prior to check out.

  7. Fire extinguishers are located under the kitchen sink, by living room fireplace, and by fireplace in upstairs master suite. THEY ARE TO BE USED ONLY IN EMERGENCY. Please contact owners if used.

  8. NO SMOKING inside of lodge. (If smoking outside,Please dispose of butts appropriately, Do Not Litter please)

  9. Only flush toilet paper down the toilet. No tampons, contraceptives, diapers, wipes or cigarette butts are to be flushed down the toilet.

  10. NO water skiing or jet skiing before 9:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. This is out of respect for other neighbors on the lake.

  11. No snowmobiling/atv-ing on property after 9:00 p.m. EXCEPT in leaving the property, or returning to property from trails. Please Do Not drive over septic system, which is located between VonSeda's and the next door neighbors house, in front of electric meter.

  12. You must wear a life jacket if you use the Lodge paddle boats or row boat. Life jackets ARE NOT provided. Please bring your own.

  13. Please observe and obey all DNR regulations

  14. Do not violate any city or state ordinances in or about the premises.

  15. No mechanical repairs on motorized vehicles/machines or their parts inside of the lodge. Please use shed only.

  16. No discharging of firearms or fireworks on lodge property.

  17. No HUNTING of any kind on Lodge Property

  18. No cleaning of wild game/animals of any sort inside of lodge.

  19. Rules for Fish Cleaning:

    • NO cleaning of fish inside the lodge- please clean outside only.

    • Please wrap fish waste in newspaper and then bag before disposing.

  20. During your stay, you are allowed to have visitors, but on a limited basis. Only registered guests are allowed to stay at lodge.

  21. Please do not wash the quilts/bed comforters. They only fit in laundromat washers and will be washed only by owners/management. Washing machine uses High efficiency detergent. If not using this kind it will cause excessive suds and damage to the machine.

  22. Pay per view not available on satellite dish, Use only channels provided

  23. Furniture in home is not to be re arranged.  If you do move furniture to accommodate your group, you are responsible to put all back in place as it was prior to your departure.
  24. Payment can be in the form of cashiers check, money order or personal check.

    • Cancellations will result in a refund minus $50 if received within 30 days for reservations during the winter, spring or fall, or if lodge is rented out to someone else for those dates. No refund for less than 30 day notice if lodge is not rented out for those dates. No refunds for early departures.
    • Cancellations for Summer reservations ( Memorial Day through Labor Day)- A refund minus $50 will be given if cancellation is made within 90 Days prior to reservation.  No refunds for less than 90 days notice will be given, unless lodge is rented out during those dates. No refunds on early departures.
    • Balance in full is to be paid 30 days prior to check in for reservations during the winter, spring or fall. This includes full rental amount, sales tax, and $500 damage deposit.
    • Summer Reservations- Balance in full to be paid 60 days prior to arrival.


Guests are expected to clean up well after yourself, friends and family, inside and outdoor grounds as well prior to departure.  If premises are left in such a state that it must be professionally cleaned, or takes noticeably longer, you will be responsible to pay a cleaning charge- amount determined by owner.  Failure to follow lodge rules may result in the complete forfeiture of deposit.   Garbage removal is not included in the rental rate.  Each bag will cost $4 excluding bags of aluminum cans. Please separate trash in one bin, recyclables in one bin and aluminum cans in another bin.  Thank You!


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